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I am Anikó Biró, the network builder of the DXN company since 2009. By joining, new chapters have started in my life… read my story to see if you would like to join us at some point! :)

Chapter One - WHY?

When I received a box of DXN ganoderm coffee from Szabi Czérna as a gift, my life changed. I got a tool in my hand that I had only read and dreamed of so far. It was a moment’s decision as to whether or not to take advantage of this opportunity. I decided! I dared to face my fears, my lack of self-confidence, the fearful, oppositional attitude of my environment.

Why did I decide that?

At the time, I had two jobs that I loved (and now I know they were important stages in my life because I learned a lot from all the negative and positive events, feelings), but I started to realize that I didn’t want to do either in the long run. My life has always been about movement, but now it's starting to crystallize in me what a healthy lifestyle I really want and from which I can make a living, in fact…
Because I had health problems.
And the main reason I didn’t want to be an employee when I was having a child and I wanted a passive income was because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold workouts next to the child actively in the afternoon.

Chapter Two - WHAT DID I DO?

I believed I could succeed too! I can live a healthy, happy and rich life and success is up to me!

Fate brought me together with people and books from whom I learned a lot, and I can also thank them for the development I had to go through to be a “today” (multiple) diamond.

The change began with a single decision, and my ongoing, seemingly small everyday decisions determined (will determine) the direction of my development. Half a year after I drank my first coffee, I had the strength and opportunity to quit one of my jobs. It took another half year before I dared to give up my Austrian job and became my own master. I gave up the walk for the inexperienced and stepped out of the squirrel wheel.


Chapter Three - HOW?

My little son was born in 2014, and this 5 years of work was enough to build a DXN network that would work passively without me. I taught my consumers how to order alone. (Anyway infinitely simple…) I never had to ask at the end of the month who was asking for coffee !!! He who ran out spoke because he felt it was good for him.

There are leaders in my group who can work independently.


Chapter Four - School Has Begun!

Again with maximum activity I am a DXN NETWORKER to help people and bring change to the world together!

My motto: Let's not be afraid, let's live! :)

Dare to choose, take risks and then put in the work!

BELIEVE in the 4 most important pillars:

in MLM,
in DXN
in products
and most importantly, believe in yourself!

I believe in YOU that you can succeed too!

Find and bring change together in the world!

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